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Automatic Transmission No-Nos

What Not to do When You Drive an Automatic Vehicle Automatic transmission vehicles are the most prevalent type of vehicle on the road today. In fact, many manufacturers no longer offer manual transmission models of their cars to the general public. Since it’s likely, you’ll drive an automatic vehicle at some point. It’s important to […]

The Most Common Troubles for Your Automatic Transmission

Gearing Up for Great Driving Your vehicle’s transmission is vital to your ability to travel. No matter how great your motor is, you won’t get anywhere without the transmission. That’s because this component helps your car transfer power from where it’s made to the wheels that need turning. Also, the transmission protects your engine by […]

Ways You Can Destroy Your Vehicle’s Transmission

How Your Transmission Works It’s probably accurate to say that nearly every driver knows that a transmission is necessary to vehicle function and usability. What some may not understand, however, is why it’s needed and how it works. A vehicle’s engine produces the power to operate the automobile. As it works, the engine can only […]

What is CVT?

Unscrambling the Letters Continuously Variable Transmission. That’s what CVT stands for, although that doesn’t give much clarification to those wondering. It’s important for drivers to learn since they can expect to hear CVT a lot more as a growing number of new vehicles come with a CVT. To keep up with this trend, the ASE […]

What Kind of Transmission Should You Choose?

understanding, The Options Available Today It can be difficult for even the most experienced car owners to understand the many different types of car transmissions that are available today. Which one is best for your preferences and lifestyle? What are the differences between each kind that you should know about? AutoStream Car Care Center in […]

Types of Transmissions

The Evolution Of The Automotive Transmission If you’re experiencing signs of transmission issues, it’s important to understand the type of transmission in your vehicle. Learn more about the different types of transmissions available and find out how you can receive reliable transmission repair services in Clarksburg, MD. Manual Transmissions A standard transmission, manual transmissions require […]

Should I Service My Transmission?

Spoiler Alert: Yes. In the past, there’s been some dispute over whether or not transmissions should be regularly serviced. Some authorities believed it was unnecessary and could actually harm the transmission’s normal function. Others saw no reason not to take extra care of the complex system for long term success. AutoStream Car Care Center is […]

Common Transmission Problems

And Tips to Prevent Them How can you tell when your vehicle’s transmission needs professional service? Watch out for changes in its behavior that indicate problems. AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland has created a list of a few common transmission problems that are your signal to visit our shop for service. Lack of […]