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How Oil Filters Work

Tips for Understanding How Oil Filters Work How Do Oil Filters Work? An oil filter is a filter designed to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. Oil filters are used in many different types of hydraulic machinery. A chief use of the oil filter is in internal-combustion engines in […]

The Truth About Motor Oil Myths

Motor Oil Myths Busted! You’ve likely heard myths about motor oil and oil changes since you got your license and first car. While there may have been some truth to these myths in the past, many of them are now outdated due to advances in motor oil manufacturing and engine technological advances. Here are a […]

Oil Light Observations

What Does My Oil Light Mean? An illuminated dashboard light causes concern for most drivers. Worse, the oil light frightens many motorists more so than some of the other lamps. When your virtual oil can lights up, perhaps you’ll wonder what it means and how it might have been triggered. We’re glad to help you […]

A Primer for Better Understanding Oil Viscosity

Selecting the Right Oil for Your Vehicle You know that oil is essential for your car, but do you understand viscosity? Do the many choices on store shelves overwhelm you? Worry no more. At AutoStream Car Care Center in Hampden, Maryland, we’re glad to explain oil function, viscosity, oil types (conventional, and full synthetic, synthetic […]

Gross! Can You Help Me Get Rid Of Engine Sludge?

Preventing Sludge with Oil Changes Many drivers worry about the outer appearance of their vehicles. They don’t want scratched paint, crumpled bumpers, or mismatched hubcaps. Further, most make some kind of effort to keep the exterior reasonably clean, whether they wash it themselves in the driveway, take it to a drive-through self-service facility, or have […]

Wait, This Isn’t Math Class! What Are Oil Additives?

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Motor Oil Although we’re talking about vehicle maintenance and repair, not math, your savings in repair bills will surely add up if you change your oil regularly. Your car’s life span is a function of how well it’s cared for. Come experience the difference you’ll find at AutoStream Car Care in Columbia, […]

Change Your Oil, Change Our Environment

Oil Changes Help More Than Your Car A little oil goes a long way. That’s great when it comes to lubricating your metal engine parts, but that’s a real problem when the used motor oil is improperly dumped or spilled. Did you know that the discarded oil from a single oil change has the potential […]

Oil Viscosity Explained

What It Means For You and Your Car Perhaps you’ve stood in front of the shelves of motor oil in the parts store and wondered why there were so many choices. Aren’t all oils the same? No, they’re not. In addition to various types of oil (conventional, full synthetic, synthetic blend, and high mileage), there […]

Types of Motor Oil

Breaking the Motor Oil Code Motor oil sounds simple. You need it to lubricate the moving engine parts of your car. You understand that clearly, but you may be confused about what to buy once you realize that there are different kinds of oil stored in bottles with various numbers and codes. The professional ASE […]