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The Most Common Troubles for Your Automatic Transmission

Gearing Up for Great Driving

Your vehicle’s transmission is vital to your ability to travel. No matter how great your motor is, you won’t get anywhere without the transmission. That’s because this component helps your car transfer power from where it’s made to the wheels that need turning. Also, the transmission protects your engine by changing the gear ratio so that your engine doesn’t exceed the same number of rpm and blow up. Thus, auto health is dependent upon transmission conditions. Bring your vehicle to AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland, and gear up for great driving.

Commonly Reported and Repaired Problems

If your automobile isn’t working properly, we’ll need to check it to be sure we correctly pinpoint the problem. We can, however, give you a heads-up on some of the most commonly reported and repaired problems. You probably already know that your transmission requires fluid for lubrication and cooling. If it ages and breaks down, it can’t protect well. You may smell a burning odor that could indicate this degrading or improper kind of fluid. Get help for this immediately to avoid the risk of further damage. Another problem that poses a serious safety hazard is slipping gears. This occurs when your transmission goes in and out of gear or between gears by itself. This can cause various scenarios, including losing forward momentum as you pull out into traffic or cross through an intersection. Also, you may detect a transmission fluid leak. Take care of this early to prevent it from becoming bad enough to cause low fluid levels that can damage the transmission. It could be a bad gasket or leaking hose. Watch for other tell-tale signs, too that can point to a myriad of problems. The check engine light, for instance, can indicate all sorts of issues, but it is sometimes the first indicator of transmission trouble, particularly if the problem is electric. Be mindful of grinding or shaking when your car shifts gears, as well as whining or clunking noises when you’re sitting in neutral.

Shifting to a Reputable Transmission Repair Shop

If you’re ready for preventive maintenance services or suspect the need for transmission repair, make the shift to AutoStream Car Care Center. Our ASE-certified technicians are well versed with any make or model. What’s more, we back our work with a generous warranty. Bring your vehicle by to learn how we’ve been helping your neighbors since 1999.

Written by Doug Grills