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Types of Transmissions

The Evolution Of The Automotive Transmission

If you’re experiencing signs of transmission issues, it’s important to understand the type of transmission in your vehicle. Learn more about the different types of transmissions available and find out how you can receive reliable transmission repair services in Clarksburg, MD.

Manual Transmissions

A standard transmission, manual transmissions require the driver to switch between gears physically. This system includes both a clutch and gear selector, which can be a stick shift or standard style. Grinding gears may be a sign of transmission issues, but it may also be caused by improper shifting technique.

Automatic Transmissions

Most automatic vehicles use an automatic transmission, rather than an automated one. Automatic transmissions use a planetary gear set and automatic clutch systems to allow you to enjoy hassle-free gear shifting. An alternative type of automatic transmission is a shiftable automatic. This style will enable you to select gears as you drive, giving you a balance between automatic and manual shifting options.

Automated Manual Transmissions

Many heavy-duty vehicles use an automated manual transmission. This style of transmission uses pneumatic, electronic, or hydraulic controls to switch gears automatically. An automated system is ideal for preventing grinding gears and other shifting issues. Your semi-truck or other heavy-duty vehicle uses this transmission style to ensure you’re always in the right gear and ready to handle heavy loads.

CVT Transmission

A CVT, or continuously variable transmission, varies the drive ratio continuously using pulleys, belts, and sensors. Unlike a stepped transmission that uses gears, a CVT transmission doesn’t have to jump between power ranges and can increase the fuel economy and power of your vehicle. Because of the specialized nature and unusual parts involved in a CVT, it’s important to work with a leading auto repair team for reliable repairs.

Learn More About Your Transmission Today

Our team at AutoStream Car Care Center is ASE certified and ready to offer you affordable transmission repair services. We’re so confident in our services that we offer a lifetime warranty on many of our repairs. Contact us today to schedule a transmission service in Clarksburg, MD, or learn more about your transmission type and signs that you may need a repair service to keep your vehicle operating efficiently.

Written by Doug Grills