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Long Live Your Car! (With Proper Maintenance)

Tips for Making Your Car Last A vehicle is a major purchase for most people. It can often represent your ability to live more easily and take care of your family. It takes you to your job, to purchase groceries, to the soccer game, and back safely to your home again. Therefore, you want the […]

Interesting Traffic Laws at Home and Abroad

It’s All Fun and Games Until You Get a Citation When you were younger, did an adult ever warn you about your playful actions with the statement, “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt”? Now that you’re grown up with a driver’s license, you may be tempted to laugh at some traffic laws […]

What to Look For When Purchasing a New Car Battery

Don’t Get Battered When Choosing a Battery It’s one battery, but there are so many things to think about when you need to purchase one, you may feel beaten about by all the options to consider. Yet you must have a battery. You need it to start the car and to power your accessories (radio, […]

Navigating Car Repair Costs

Budgeting and Payment Advice It’s no secret that we love having transportation, but hate paying for it — particularly costly repairs. If your budget is tight, financing vehicle fixes can feel like navigating choppy waters in a tiny rowboat. You have to find a means to get to the end, but it certainly isn’t easy. […]

Passive or Passion — How will you find a job?

Follow Your Passion Into the Automotive Industry Most people must have a job to earn essential income, but what kind of job do they have, and how did they come to obtain it? Did they passively take anything that would provide food and shelter, or are they passionate about what they do every day? How […]

What’s All Over My Engine?

Yuck! It’s sludge! And if you’re seeing it on the outside of your engine, what do you think the inside looks like? Worse than the outside, for sure. As oil ages, it loses some of its essential properties. Ideally, and in a fresh state, motor oil (whether conventional, synthetic, or synthetic blend), clings to the […]

Your Road Trip Car Maintenance Checklist

How To Prepare For The Long Haul There is nothing quite so adventurous as a good old-fashioned road trip. From the wind in your hair to the many incredible sights you get to see, this type of adventure offers many opportunities to experience the world. What’s important to remember is that to embark on a […]

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