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Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

What You Can Do to Avoid Major Vehicle Repairs How Does Vehicle Maintenance Save You Money? If you keep up with regular vehicle maintenance, it can save you money on long-term repairs. This is because catching small problems early on can prevent them from turning into bigger, more expensive problems down the road. It’s critical […]

How to Improve Your Old Car’s Gas Mileage

Fuel Efficiency Especially with how volatile gas prices have been lately, fuel efficiency is something drivers must consider each day. Fuel efficiency–also known as gas mileage–is often a selling point for new cars and a pain point for drivers of older vehicles. As engine design improves, car manufacturers are able to squeeze more and more […]

Protecting Car Batteries In Winter

Prevent a Frozen Battery Snowmen dressed up with buttons and scarves are cute. Frozen car batteries are not. It means that your car won’t start, leaving you stranded in bitterly cold weather and having to purchase another battery. Therefore, it is important to keep your battery checked to prevent freezing during cold weather. AutoStream Car […]

Should I Service My Transmission?

Spoiler Alert: Yes. In the past, there’s been some dispute over whether or not transmissions should be regularly serviced. Some authorities believed it was unnecessary and could actually harm the transmission’s normal function. Others saw no reason not to take extra care of the complex system for long term success. AutoStream Car Care Center is […]

What are The Most Common Issues a Hybrid Car Experiences?

Are you the proud owner of a hybrid car? No matter what kind of hybrid vehicle you drive, you’ll want to be prepared for its common maintenance needs. Like standard vehicles, hybrids require regular reapair and service to maintain their peak performance. In addition to general maintenance services, however, hybrid drivers face a few other […]

5 Signs Your Transmission May Be Going Out

As part of our commitment to serving drivers in Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City and Woodstock, AutoStream Car Care Center wants our customers to be fully prepared for their car’s needs. That means knowing what signs of trouble to look out for and when it’s time for a visit to the auto shop. Transmission issues can […]

The Baltimore Driver’s Guide to Brake Maintenance

The thrill of the driving experience is in the engine. There’s just something sensational about the power that comes from putting your foot down. No doubt, the gas pedal’s neighbor gets a lot less credit for a car’s performance. But when it comes to daily driving, your brakes have a pretty big job. We don’t […]

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