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How Long Should Your Vehicle Transmission Last?

Signs of a Failing Transmission System

How Long Should Your Vehicle Transmission Last?

There are many factors which affect the life of your vehicle transmission. Some of these factors include the type of transmission, the quality of the transmission, and how the transmission is used. Your driving habits and environment profoundly affect the life of your vehicle’s transmission. A vehicle’s transmission should last anywhere from 80,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on the make and model of your vehicle and how you drive it. The more aggressively you drive, the shorter the lifespan of your transmission will be. Shifting before coming to a full stop and other aggressive driving habits can significantly reduce the life of your transmission. Stop by the AutoStream Car Care Center shop at Hampden of Baltimore to speak to our team about ways to improve the life of your vehicle’s transmission.

Signs of Transmission Failure

Once you’ve determined your transmission may be approaching the end of its life, you should be aware of signs of transmission failure. These signs include: The vehicle is having difficulty shifting gears. The transmission is making strange noises. The vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. The vehicle is experiencing transmission slippage. If you notice any of these signs, it is important to take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic or transmission specialist like those found at AutoStream Car Care Center at Hampden of Baltimore as soon as possible. Transmission repair can be expensive, so it is best to catch the problem early before it becomes too severe. Additionally, sudden, catastrophic transmission failure while you’re driving can be dangerous to you, your passengers, and other drivers.

We Are Transmission Repair Experts

The team at AutoStream Car Care Center is here to inspect and diagnose your transmission system problems to recommend repairs before your vehicle suffers a catastrophic transmission failure. Such failures lead to expensive and time consuming repairs that leave you without your vehicle for extended time periods. If you’ve noticed any of the signs of transmission failure, it’s time to call us to make an appointment for an inspection and diagnosis of transmission failure. Or, stop by the Hampden of Baltimore shop to speak with the team in person about how you can extend the life of your transmission with regular maintenance services.

Written by Doug Grills