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What Kind of Suspension Does Your Car Have?

Signs of Suspension Failure Types of Vehicle Suspension Systems There are four types of vehicle suspension systems: coil spring, leaf spring, torsion bar, and air suspension. Coil spring suspension is the most common type used in passenger vehicles. It consists of a coil spring that is mounted around a shock absorber. Leaf spring suspension is […]

The Most Prevalent Power Steering Problems

Power to the People, Power to the Steering You’ve probably heard the slogan “Power to the people.” When it comes to your vehicle, power steering is indeed the power to the person driving the car. This feature that’s now an expected standard on nearly every modern automobile provides both comforts for the driver and better […]

How Does Power Steering Work?

Get Up on the Wheel! “Get up on the wheel” is a great expression if you’re making passes and winning races on the track. In normal driving circumstances, however, you don’t want to be fighting with the steering wheel and struggling to make a hard turn when your passenger yells out in fear, “Get up […]

Suspension Repairs for Smooth Rides

Ease on down, ease on down the road . . . Most of us have heard the repeating line from the song “Ease on Down the Road,” but take our car’s ability to do that for granted. Without a properly working suspension system, we can’t travel down the road, especially not with ease. Suspension 101 […]