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Automatic Transmission No-Nos

What Not to do When You Drive an Automatic Vehicle

Automatic transmission vehicles are the most prevalent type of vehicle on the road today. In fact, many manufacturers no longer offer manual transmission models of their cars to the general public. Since it’s likely, you’ll drive an automatic vehicle at some point. It’s important to understand the things you should not do, as well as those you should, to help maintain your automatic transmission. For example, you should not forget to use your parking brake, even with an automatic vehicle. You may have thought the parking brake was only for manual transmissions and steep hills, but only putting your vehicle in park puts the full weight of your vehicle on one small component of the transmission. That’s stress that can be relieved by using the parking brake in addition to putting the vehicle in park. It’s also important to come to a full stop before shifting your automatic vehicle into park. Another definite no-no when it comes to automatic transmissions is launching your vehicle or putting it in drive while the engine is at a high idle. Launching your vehicle can cause catastrophic damage to your transmission as belts and chains can snap from the pressure exerted on the system.

Treat Your Transmission Well

Your driving habits can have a significant effect on the health of your transmission. If you change gears before the vehicle stops, launch your vehicle into drive, or fail to use your parking brake, you can reduce the life of your automatic transmission. One of the best things you can do to treat your transmission well, aside from being a little more gentle when you drive, maintains it with regular maintenance services performed by a certified technician like those found at AutoStream Car Care Center in Hampden of Baltimore.

Bring Your Vehicle to The Transmission Experts

The team at AutoStream Car Care Center is here to help you care for your automatic transmission so you can continue to drive a safe vehicle. Whether you’ve noticed problems with your transmission or you’re looking for a maintenance schedule that’s easy to keep up with, the AutoStream Car Care Center team is here to help. The knowledgeable customer service advisors will talk with you about the issues or concerns you have about the transmission in your vehicle and then share that information with the certified technicians. The technicians will then inspect your transmission system, diagnose any issues and make recommendations for transmission repairs based on their diagnosis. Give them a call today to make an appointment for your vehicle’s transmission, or stop by the shop in Hampden of Baltimore to speak with the team in person.

Written by Doug Grills