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What Do Spark Plugs Do

Everything You Need to Know About Your Vehicle’s Spark Plugs What Do Spark Plugs Do for Your Vehicle? Spark plugs are responsible for igniting the air/fuel mixture in the engine to produce power. They are located in the cylinder head and create a spark that fires the mixture. Over time, spark plugs can become fouled […]

On-Board Diagnostics Computers

How Did the Light Get Turned On? Nobody wants to see the check engine light come on when driving. Is it a simple issue or a major problem? Can it be fixed for a reasonable price, or will this be an expensive repair? Can I drive it a while, or do I need to pull […]

Common Check Engine Light Repair Costs

Check Engine or Check Wallet? Uh-oh. The check engine light just came on. What does it mean? How much is it going to cost to fix it? Can you just ignore it and hope it goes away? Unfortunately, no, the problem is not going to repair itself. What’s more, your car probably won’t pass inspection […]

When ‘Check Engine’ Might Mean ‘Check Emissions’

Emissions Problems Can Trigger Your Car’s Warning Light The check engine light just came on. Those words may be simple, but perhaps you feel they might as well be written in a foreign language. What could that warning light mean? While the check engine light can indicate a number of issues that need attention, a […]

Lights Out! . . . If You Want to Sell Your Car

Resolving Dashboard Lights How exciting! You’re getting another car! But now you need to sell the one you already have. It shouldn’t be hard. It’s still a good vehicle for somebody. But what about that check engine light? The reality is that most potential buyers are going to be wary of purchasing a car or […]