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You Can Control the Weather (Or At Least Keep It Cool In Your Car)

Keeping Your AC Cold We’ve all heard the saying that you can’t control the weather. While this is true for controlling conditions outdoors, you can take care of how you feel inside your vehicle. In addition to simply turning on the air conditioner, there are actually some additional steps you can take to help make […]

What’s Wrong With Your Car’s AC?

Potential Auto AC Issues If it’s hot and your car’s air conditioning system isn’t cooling, you likely want it repaired as soon as possible. But how do you know what to fix? You need a proper diagnosis. The professional technicians at AutoStream in Woodstock, Maryland, are certified in AC service and repair. They’re equipped to […]

Maintaining the AC System in Your Car

Mold in The Car’s AC? Gross! Who knew there could be mold growing in the car’s air conditioning system? Isn’t mold something that grows in a dirty bathroom? Yes, it is, but the same conditions that make the bathroom a prime spot for mold and mildew can also exist in those secret climate control spaces […]

Auto AC & Heating Explained

Keep Me Comfortable! Today’s travelers want the benefit of heat in the winter and cool air conditioning in the summer. But keeping your car’s AC system working isn’t as straightforward. The ASE certified technicians at AutoStream Car Care in Clarksburg, Maryland, know all the ins and outs of vehicle climate control and will be glad […]

AC in the Winter?

Why You Should Run Your Car’s AC Regularly On the first really hot day of the summer season, most of us hope that when we push the button or turn the dial, the car’s air conditioner is going to give us some relief. The best-kept secret for ensuring that your vehicle’s AC works in the […]

It’s Cool to be Cool

Staying Comfortable in Your Car It’s a hot summer day. As you start out on your drive, you turn on the air conditioner, and all you get is warm air blowing through the vents. That’s not cool! Your vehicle’s AC system is designed to keep you comfortable even in balmy weather. If it’s no longer […]