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Protecting Car Batteries In Winter

Prevent a Frozen Battery

Snowmen dressed up with buttons and scarves are cute. Frozen car batteries are not. It means that your car won’t start, leaving you stranded in bitterly cold weather and having to purchase another battery. Therefore, it is important to keep your battery checked to prevent freezing during cold weather. AutoStream Car Care in Clarksburg, Maryland, is the place to go to keep your battery monitored so that it is less likely to freeze.

Car Batteries Can Freeze?

Yes, seriously. A fully charged battery (100%) doesn’t freeze unless the temperature falls well below zero. This is because the acid-water mixture (about 25% sulfuric acid and 75% water) doesn’t freeze easily. However, a battery that is not at full power can freeze at 32 degrees. In a 12-volt car battery, the difference between a fully charged and a discharged battery is small, often less than one volt. So if something is draining your battery or if it is not properly charging, your vehicle is in danger of battery freeze — and you’re in danger of becoming stranded and needing to buy an expensive battery!

Can’t I Just Fix It?

The acid within the sulfuric acid-water mixture chemically reacts with lead plates in the battery to create electricity. This leaves the water in a somewhat discharged state. Unless the battery is properly recharging, the unprotected water is likely to freeze. If this happens, you cannot just thaw the ice and expect the battery to work. Water expands as it freezes, pushing the metal plates together. Frequently, this causes a short because a vehicle battery has both positive and negative plates. The battery is no longer usable and must be replaced at an average cost range of $50 to $300.

Let’s Test & Charge Your Battery Today!

The good news, however, is that you can prevent this costly repair and the inconvenience of being unable to start your car in the cold. Bring your vehicle to AutoStream Car Care in Clarksburg, Maryland, before cold weather arrives. A certified technician can test your battery to be sure it’s charging properly and test your alternator to ensure it’s recharging the battery when you’re operating your car.

Written by Doug Grills