How Do I Know if my Transmission is Going Bad? | Autostream Car Care

5 Signs Your Transmission May Be Going Out

As part of our commitment to serving drivers in Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City and Woodstock, AutoStream Car Care Center wants our customers to be fully prepared for their car’s needs. That means knowing what signs of trouble to look out for and when it’s time for a visit to the auto shop. Transmission issues can be hard to detect and identify, which is why we’ve created this guide to help drivers determine when their transmission needs professional attention.

  1. Fluid Leaks
    Transmission fluid leaks are your number one sign that it’s time to schedule an appointment at AutoStream Car Care Center for transmission repair. Watch out for red fluid leaks under the transmission itself, where it can puddle on the ground. You can also monitor the fluid levels. If they drop, you have a leak. Catching a leak early is important to prevent further damages.

  2. Warning Light
    The easiest sign of transmission failure is a warning light on your dashboard. If you notice an illuminated indicator, don’t delay! Your car needs immediate attention from a certified mechanic. Head in as soon as possible for your transmission repair.

  3. Rough Shifting
    If your transmission is going bad, you may notice a delay when you shift from park to drive. The transmission is responsible for changing gears, so if you notice anything unusual while getting into gear, it could be a sign of trouble. Sluggishness, jerking, grinding sounds and other irregular behavior or noises from your vehicle means it’s time for transmission repair.

  4. Slipping
    Transmission slipping occurs when a car’s transmission seems to develop a mind of its own. It may seem to change gears on its own or fall out of the proper gear unexpectedly. Slipping is a serious and hard to miss sign of a failing transmission.

  5. Damaged Parts
    Loose parts, worn out gaskets, lost seals, disconnected lines and damaged components are all signs that it’s time for transmission repair. Pay attention to related parts, as issues in one part of the drivetrain may create more problems elsewhere, like an unbalanced drive shaft.

Transmission issues, no matter how small, can lead to bigger problems and damages. If you notice any signs of trouble, bring your car into the experts at AutoStream Car Care Center right away!

Written by Doug Grills