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How to Help Your Transmission Last Longer

6 Things You Can Do

Replacing and repairing a transmission can be costly. That’s why it makes sense to do what you can to protect it and help it last longer. AutoStream Car Care Center in Ellicott City, Maryland can help you with that goal. Here are a few tips you can use to get the most out of your transmission!

1. Get Fluid Service

A simple and easy way to monitor the health of your transmission is by regularly inspecting the fluid. This will help you catch a problem quickly, before it can cause major complications. Leaks are easy to identify by checking the fluid level, as it shouldn’t drop in normal conditions. While an experienced technician checks the transmission fluid, they also get the opportunity to look at potential issues in other areas.

2. Practice Better Driving Habits

Are you someone who waits until the last minute to brake? Riding the brakes or braking suddenly can hurt the transmission over time. It can help to pay attention to your driving habits and make adjustments to allow the transmission to downshift steadily.

3. Shift Gears When Stopped

When you are backing out of a parking spot or pulling into park, pay attention to when exactly you shift gears. Putting a car into reverse or park while you are still moving can strip the gears overtime. Practice coming to a complete stop before shifting to protect your transmission.

4. Take Time to Warm Up

Especially during winters in Ellicott City, Maryland, it’s important to give your vehicle time to warm up before taking off. This can help the transmission fluid start pumping as it should to fully lubricate components.

5. Support All Vehicle Systems

Don’t skip regular oil changes or tune-ups! When you protect healthy engine function, you protect a healthy transmission. When the engine has problems, it places extra strain on the transmission. Think of your car as a whole and take care of all parts to support its overall success.

6. Repair Problems Quickly!

If your transmission starts experiencing problems, it’s not the end of the world. Seeking professional solutions as quickly as possible can help you avoid more costly ones and restore its optimal performance, instead of needing a full replacement. AutoStream Car Care Center is here to help you with any transmission services you might need!

Written by Doug Grills