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Disc Brakes—Take Care of Your Stopping Power

What Are Disc Brakes? Most modern vehicles use a system of disc brakes for the primary stopping power for your vehicle. A disc brake system consists of brake pads, a caliper, and a rotor. The caliper squeezes the brake pads against the rotor, creating friction which is transferred hydraulically to slow the vehicle. It is […]

Causes of Bad Alignment

Driving Environment Causes of Bad Wheel Alignment There are many situations that occur while you drive, which can have a detrimental effect on the alignment of your wheels and lead to the need for wheel alignment services. Some are more obvious than others, but if you drive in the city of Baltimore, you surely know […]

What Should You Do if Your Hybrid Battery Dies?

Signs of Trouble With Your Hybrid Battery Hybrid cars are great for gas mileage if most of your commute is on surface streets with stop-and-go traffic. The batteries in hybrid vehicles are often charged by the braking action. If you notice any of these signs, you’re going to need to take your vehicle to a […]

Automatic Transmission No-Nos

What Not to do When You Drive an Automatic Vehicle Automatic transmission vehicles are the most prevalent type of vehicle on the road today. In fact, many manufacturers no longer offer manual transmission models of their cars to the general public. Since it’s likely, you’ll drive an automatic vehicle at some point. It’s important to […]

What Affects the Life of a Hybrid Battery?

Factors That Affect Hybrid Battery Life Many factors affect the life of your vehicle’s battery, especially if you drive a hybrid. Remember that with a hybrid vehicle, the batteries are charged during braking and idling, which is used to power the electric engine. One of the primary factors affecting the life of a hybrid battery […]

Common Auto Repairs to Think About

Common Auto Repair Services Many times, we only think of auto repair when something has gone wrong with our vehicle, but there are several common auto repair services you should be thinking about more, and having them performed can keep your vehicle running and on the road instead of in the shop. Scheduled maintenance for […]

Wheel Alignment—How to Know You Need It

What is Wheel Alignment? Despite its name, a wheel alignment for your vehicle is more about adjusting the steering and suspension systems than it is about manipulating the wheels into alignment with the road. Your certified technician will inspect your vehicle and gauge the alignment of your wheels with the road. If there is a […]

The Dangers of Old Tires

It’s About More Than Tread When you think of how you evaluate the driveability of your tires, you probably think first of how much tread your tires have left. While it is a good idea to monitor the tread depth on your tires, tread depth is not the only indicator of the health of your […]