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What Kind of Suspension Does Your Car Have?

Signs of Suspension Failure

Types of Vehicle Suspension Systems

There are four types of vehicle suspension systems: coil spring, leaf spring, torsion bar, and air suspension. Coil spring suspension is the most common type used in passenger vehicles. It consists of a coil spring that is mounted around a shock absorber. Leaf spring suspension is mostly used in heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. It uses a system of leaf springs that are mounted on the axle. Torsion bar suspension is used in some passenger vehicles and trucks. It consists of a bar mounted on the vehicle’s frame and connected to the suspension. Air suspension is used in some luxury vehicles. It uses inflated or deflated airbags to adjust the vehicle’s ride height.

Signs of Suspension System Failure

If you notice any of the following warning signs, your suspension system may be failing and should be checked by a professional mechanic as soon as possible. The AutoStream Car Care Center team at Hampden of Baltimore is ready to inspect and diagnose your suspension system before recommending repair services to restore your smooth, comfortable ride. A problem with the alignment or suspension usually causes uneven tire wear. Pulling to one side while driving may be caused by a problem with the shocks or struts. Excessive bouncing may be caused by worn out shocks or struts. It’s important to bring your vehicle to a certified suspension repair shop as soon as you notice these signs to avoid a catastrophic–and expensive to repair–failure of the suspension system.

We’re Here for You

At AutoStream Car Care Center, our certified suspension repair technicians are ready to inspect and diagnose the underlying problems causing your suspension system issues. We’ll recommend suspension repairs to restore your smooth and comfortable ride. Remember, a faulty suspension system affects your ability to steer safely as well as making your ride uncomfortable. Give us a call today to make an appointment to allow our team to inspect and diagnose your suspension system problems, or stop by the Hampden at Baltimore shop to speak to our team in person.

Written by Doug Grills