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Signs Of Auto AC Compressor Failure

How to Tell Your Auto AC Compressor is on its Last Legs Signs of Auto AC Compressor Failure If your car’s air conditioning isn’t blowing cold air, one potential cause could be a failing compressor. The compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system, so if it’s not working properly, it won’t work. Here […]

Automatic Transmissions: Pros And Cons

How Drivers Benefit from Automatic Transmission Vehicles Are Automatic Transmissions More Expensive to Repair than Manual Transmissions? Determining whether an automatic transmission is more expensive to repair than a manual transmission really depends on the make and model of the vehicle as well as the specific issue with the transmission system. In general, automatic transmissions […]

How Oil Filters Work

Tips for Understanding How Oil Filters Work How Do Oil Filters Work? An oil filter is a filter designed to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. Oil filters are used in many different types of hydraulic machinery. A chief use of the oil filter is in internal-combustion engines in […]

Signs of Power Steering Failure

If You Notice These Signs, It’s Time to Have Your Power Steering Checked What is Power Steering? Power steering is a system that uses hydraulic fluid to assist in steering a vehicle. The system reduces the effort needed to turn the steering wheel, making it easier to control the vehicle. Power steering is typically used […]

Benefits of Getting a Wheel Alignment

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Wheel Alignment Why are Wheel Alignments Important? Most people don’t think about their car’s alignment. Still, keeping an eye on how your tires contact and align with the road is important. After all, misalignment is one of the main causes of uneven tire wear. When your tires are out of […]

What Do Spark Plugs Do

Everything You Need to Know About Your Vehicle’s Spark Plugs What Do Spark Plugs Do for Your Vehicle? Spark plugs are responsible for igniting the air/fuel mixture in the engine to produce power. They are located in the cylinder head and create a spark that fires the mixture. Over time, spark plugs can become fouled […]

Hybrid Vehicle Ownership Advantages and Disadvantages

What Pros and Cons are Involved with Buying and Driving a Hybrid Vehicle? Disadvantages of Owning a Hybrid Vehicle There are a few potential disadvantages to hybrid vehicle ownership. One is the cost of the vehicle itself, as hybrids tend to be more expensive to purchase than traditional gasoline cars. Another is the potential for […]

Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

What You Can Do to Avoid Major Vehicle Repairs How Does Vehicle Maintenance Save You Money? If you keep up with regular vehicle maintenance, it can save you money on long-term repairs. This is because catching small problems early on can prevent them from turning into bigger, more expensive problems down the road. It’s critical […]

Jumpstarting Your Vehicle: What You Need to Know

Tips for Safely Jumpstarting Your Car Jumper Cables Versus Portable Battery Chargers If your car won’t start, it may be because the battery needs a jump start. You can give your car battery a jump start by using either jumper cables or a portable battery charger. Portable battery chargers are very beneficial because they are […]

What Kind of Suspension Does Your Car Have?

Signs of Suspension Failure Types of Vehicle Suspension Systems There are four types of vehicle suspension systems: coil spring, leaf spring, torsion bar, and air suspension. Coil spring suspension is the most common type used in passenger vehicles. It consists of a coil spring that is mounted around a shock absorber. Leaf spring suspension is […]

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