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Lights Out! . . . If You Want to Sell Your Car

Resolving Dashboard Lights

How exciting! You’re getting another car! But now you need to sell the one you already have. It shouldn’t be hard. It’s still a good vehicle for somebody. But what about that check engine light? The reality is that most potential buyers are going to be wary of purchasing a car or truck with an illuminated dashboard warning light. And the truth is that it is illegal in most states and/or counties with “clean air” emissions standards to sell a car that won’t pass the test. Your check engine light could be pointing to a variety of problems, including an issue that impacts your exhaust system — meaning that you can’t legally sell it without ensuring that it can pass inspection. If you’re in this situation, let AutoStream of Baltimore, Maryland, help you get your car and your sales pitch back on the right path.

What Does the Light Mean?

You really need to sell this car, but you’re worried about what the light could mean. It’s true that there are many issues that could be indicated by the check engine light. The most common problems are aged spark plugs or spark plug wires that need replacing, a faulty oxygen sensor, a loose gas cap, a bad mass airflow sensor, or a dilapidated catalytic converter. As you can guess, some problems are easier to correct than others. You can most likely purchase a new gas cap yourself to replace the one that is no longer sealing properly. However, removing the old catalytic converter and installing a new one is a bit more complicated. What’s more, you certainly don’t want to replace one part, only to find that the culprit is actually another component. What should you do?

Always Get Professional Help

Call AutoStream in Baltimore, Maryland, today for an appointment to make the problem and the light disappear. Your certified technician will use diagnostic computer equipment (an OBD-II scanner) that produces a trouble code to identify the reason the warning light is glowing. The mechanic then uses his or her expertise to find the specific issue within that reason/category that is causing the problem and make necessary repairs. Once that’s done, you’re all set to make that big sale!

Written by Doug Grills