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During hot summer days, one of the few things you’re thinking about after stepping outside is finding some cool relief. For many, that relief comes in the form of their vehicle, as their AC system can quickly transform their car from a hot oven into a cool sanctuary. At AutoStream Car Care Center in Columbia, Maryland, we want to make sure your car is always providing that cool sense of relief. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and inspectors have years of experience servicing auto AC systems. They’ll have access to our state-of-the-art equipment as well to ensure your car is only receiving top-quality care. Whether you’re out of refrigerant or the compressor has malfunctioned, know our staff can handle whatever air conditioning problem your vehicle may be experiencing.

Does Your AC Need Service?

At AutoStream Car Care, we believe it’s important to educate our customers. Many vehicle owners ignore or fail to recognize obvious warning signs that could save their vehicle and bank account, and we want to make sure that never happens to you. Here are two common auto AC warning signals, what caused them, and what to look for:

Lack of Cool Air

Does it ever seem like the air is not cold enough? It’s cool, but it isn’t that cold, refreshing air you were yearning for, right? If you’re experiencing this, there’s likely something wrong with your car’s condenser or compressor, both of which are responsible for cooling the air that enters your vehicle. Continuing to drive with this issue will only make it worse, eventually leading to no cold air at all, which can be a nightmare come summertime.

No Air Stream

Does it seem like one of your fans is not blowing any air at all? This can be frustrating to deal with, especially during hot summer days where that one fan is responsible for blowing air in your direction. If you experience this, there’s likely something wrong with the electrical system or the fan itself. Unfortunately, there are multiple causes for either issue, so you’ll need professional help to accurately identify and fix it.

Schedule Your AC Service Today

When it comes to your comfort, the air conditioning system in your car plays a key role, especially during hot summer months. Make sure you’re kept cool and comfortable in your vehicle and schedule an AC repair service with AutoStream Car Care Center in Columbia, Maryland. Using state-of-the-art tools and components, our ASE Master Certified techs and inspectors can quickly identify the trouble points your car’s AC is experiencing and perform the repairs with quality and care. When you select us as your auto AC service provider, know that you’ve taken the first step to driving a vehicle that’s always blowing cold, refreshing air.

Whether you have questions about our services or want to schedule an appointment, reach out to our team at (301) 540-1700 or visit us on 7248 Cradlerock Way. We’re always happy to help. If you need to schedule an appointment fast, you can also use our quick and convenient online scheduling system that’ll book your visit in minutes.