Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Maryland Drivers Choose AutoStream Car Care

The dreaded yellowish-orange glow of your vehicle’s check engine light turning on is more than a little annoying. Whether you’re cruising along with your windows down, or stuck in a terrible traffic jam, there is never a good time to see that light go on in your dashboard. Despite what you may think, however, this little light does more than just annoy you. Let the expert mechanics here at AutoStream Car Care Center shed some light on this mysteries of the check engine light in Baltimore, Clarksburg, Columbia, Ellicott City, and Woodstock, MD.

What does it mean if my car’s check engine light comes on?

Your car’s check engine light is a warning light. It is connected to your vehicle’s computer system that runs hundreds of different functions in your automobile. When this warning illuminates, it is alerting you that either something is wrong with your car, or something is about to be wrong. Because it is connected to so many of your vehicle’s systems, there’s no way to tell just by looking at it the exact reason it has turned on. You will need to visit a trusted auto repair shop with the proper equipment to read the warning codes from your car’s computer. Once these codes are read, your mechanic will be able to pinpoint the exact problem.

Is it bad to drive with my check engine light on?

Yes. Many people will continue to drive around with their check engine light on because they don’t notice anything wrong with their car, but this can be very bad for your vehicle. Automobiles today are built more complex then ever, so these check engine lights are designed to turn on when they notice that something is about to break – they are designed to keep you from breaking down on the side of the road! But if you continue to drive without knowing what’s wrong with your car, whatever was about to be wrong will eventually happen, potentially causing you to be stranded somewhere, facing more expensive automotive repair services than originally required.

If your car’s check engine light turns on in Baltimore, Clarksburg, Columbia, Ellicott City, or Woodstock, MD, the ASE Certified Technicians at AutoStream Car Care Center are happy to help. We have the experience and technology to quickly diagnose, service and repair all years, makes and models of domestic and import cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans and hybrids. We’re dedicated to making sure your car is running efficiently to keep you and your family driving safe on the road!