Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Columbia, MD

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If there’s one frustration that millions of vehicle owners can relate to, it’s the check engine light. The bain of driver’s existence, this vague warning signal informs owners when something is wrong with their vehicle well before it occurs. At AutoStream Car Care Center, we want to help you understand and fix this pesky light. Our shop in Columbia, Maryland, is home to knowledgeable ASE Master Certified technicians and inspectors, as well as state-of-the-art equipment, that can quickly find and fix the cause of the warning light. Whether it’s a bad spark plug or a misfiring engine, we have the skill and expertise to handle any problem that caused the check engine light!

How Bad is It?

Although the check engine light won’t ever tell you the specific problem with your vehicle, it does let you know the problem’s severity. This information is crucial, as it’ll let you know what your next steps need to be. Here’s how the check engine light indicates severity and what you need to do for each light:

Steady Light

If the check engine light is steady, that indicates a minor problem going on within your vehicle. For now, your vehicle is fine but we recommend service at your earliest convenience. Before service, make sure you check and tighten or replace the gas cap, as a loose gas cap is a common cause for the check engine light. Once either adjustment is made, pay attention to the check engine light during your drive. If it shuts off, you’ve found and fixed the problem! If not, something else is wrong and you’ll need professional equipment and help to determine the issue.

Flashing Signal

If you see the check engine light flashing, that indicates something is severely wrong with your vehicle. A common cause for this is a misfiring engine allowing unburned fuel to be dumped into the exhaust, which can leave you with a costly repair bill. Continuing to drive is not only bad for your vehicle but dangerous for you. At this point, we strongly recommend you stop driving your vehicle and bring it in for service immediately.

Schedule a Diagnostic Service

If you see the check engine light on the dashboard, it’s your vehicle letting you know something’s wrong well before it happens. Make sure you get the answers and services you need by scheduling an engine light diagnostics service with AutoStream Car Care Center in Columbia, Maryland. Our ASE Master Certified techs and inspectors utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment to quickly find and fix the problem. By the end of your service, the check engine light in your vehicle will be no more.

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