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Responsible for providing quality control, handling, and comfort, the steering and suspension systems plays a vital role in the overall performance of your vehicle. Any issues with these systems can quickly ruin your driving experience, and Autostream Car Care Center in Columbia, Maryland, wants to help prevent that. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and inspectors carry decades of experience servicing these systems from all makes, models, and ages. Using this experience and our state-of-the-art equipment and components, they’ll be able to fix any issue, maintain its health, and improve its performance, ensuring you always have full control and comfort of your vehicle.

Is Your Car Dealing With Issues?

At AutoStream Car Care, we value a proactive approach to auto care and maintenance. If you believe there’s something wrong with your car, we want you to take it into our shop before the problem worsens. But not many vehicle owners know when their car is dealing with issues, and we want to help with that. Here are two common suspension system issues you should know, why they happen, and what you should do:

Bumpy Drives

When the suspension is working properly, you shouldn’t feel much of the road’s various imperfections and obstacles, if at all. If you feel that your drives have gotten a lot more aggressive, rough, and generally uncomfortable, it’s a common sign that the suspension’s shock absorbers are worn or failing. True to its name, the shock absorbers help dampen much of the impact your car experiences. When these parts fail, it can quickly make your drives uncomfortable, so we suggest service at your earliest convenience.


Ideally, all sides and corners of your vehicle should be sitting at an even, proper height. This allows your car to clear elevated obstacles and prevent it from scraping the ground. If you see that a corner, the front, back, or side of your vehicle is sitting low, your vehicle likely has a damaged spring. This can compromise your car’s ability to properly take on corners and you may hear some sounds when going over bumps. Driving with this issue is both bad for your vehicle and dangerous for you, so we recommend service as soon as possible.

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All of today’s latest auto innovations can go to waste if you don’t have complete control of your vehicle. Make sure you maintain quality control and handling and schedule a steering and suspension repair service with AutoStream Car Care Center in Columbia, Maryland. Our ASE Master Certified technicians utilize their extensive experience and our state-of-the-art equipment to provide any service your vehicle’s suspension and steering needs with the quality and care it deserves. When you opt for service with us, know you’ll always have full control of your vehicle.

Book your service visit by using our convenient online scheduling system or by giving us a call at (301) 540-1700, as our service advisors would be happy to chat. If you’re close by, feel free to visit us on 7248 Cradlerock Way and schedule your visit in person! We’d love to meet you and understand what your auto service needs are, and we can’t wait for you to stop by.