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If there’s one thing that almost every vehicle owner knows, it’s to have their motor oil routinely checked and changed. Motor oil keeps the engine clean and lubricated, and without it, the engine would quickly malfunction. At AutoStream Car Care Center in Columbia, Maryland, we make sure your vehicle is always filled with fresh, clean motor oil. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and inspectors work with you to find the right motor oil for your vehicle and budget. Once that’s decided, they quickly replace the old oil with your selection so you can experience the benefits right away. Visit us today and ensure your vehicle is always using the quality, clean oil for its engine!

How to Check Your Oil

A valuable skill we believe all vehicle owners should have is checking your car’s motor oil. Even if you aren’t comfortable changing it, understanding what to look for in motor oil can help you prevent any problems from occurring. Here are two things you must focus on when you’re checking your car’s motor oil:

What’s The Level?

The first thing you should check when inspecting the motor oil is the oil level. Although the markings will vary based on your vehicle, there should be lines on the dipstick that indicates when the oil is at or below the proper level. If the oil stains on the dipstick are at full, then you’re good to go! Your vehicle has an optimal amount of oil. If not, make sure you slowly add more oil until it’s full.* Low oil levels can starve the engine and prevent it from fully lubricating, which could lead to additional trouble.

*It’s important that you avoid overfilling the engine with motor oil, as that’s just as bad as low oil levels.

How’s The Quality?

Once you know the oil level, it’s time to check on the quality of the oil. Quality, clean motor oil will have a clear, amber color. If it looks a little dirty, don’t worry, as this is normal over time and the motor oil is still fine for use. You should consider an oil change when the oil looks dark and gritty, as this lets you know the oil is worn and that most of its helpful properties are gone. Continuing to drive with worn oil could eventually lead to a damaged engine, so it’s important you have it changed promptly.

Visit Our Shop Today!

The engine relies on quality motor oil to perform at its best. Make sure your vehicle is always utilizing clean, quality motor oil and schedule an oil change service with AutoStream Car Care Center in Columbia, Maryland. Our ASE Master Certified techs and inspectors work with you to find the right motor oil for you and your vehicle’s needs. Once it’s done, they’ll quickly add it to your vehicle and remove the old oil so you can experience the performance benefits right away.

Book your next oil service and give us a call at (301) 540-1700 or utilize our quick and convenient online scheduling system. If you’d like to schedule a visit in person or you have questions about our services, feel free to visit us on 7248 Cradlerock Way and chat with one of our service advisors. They’re more than happy to chat with you and find the best motor oil for your vehicle.