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Steering & Suspension Repair in Woodstock, MD

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One of the first indicators that your car needs repair is ride quality. When a smooth, comfortable ride turns to jarring and bumpy experience, it’s likely an indicator that something is wrong. Your steering and suspension are what provide your vehicle with grip and control while driving, and routine repair is what will help keep you safe and in control. If your car is experiencing problems with any of the above issues, you may need a professional mechanic to look at your car’s systems. A technician will be able to inspect your car’s steering and suspension system, determine what type of service will best benefit your car, and recommend the next steps.

If your vehicle’s steering and suspension aren’t working properly, come see the professionals at AutoStream Car Care Center today to schedule a steering and suspension repair appointment. At the first sign of trouble, bring your car in to see us, and one of our professionals will provide you with a thorough inspection to help you better understand how we can best service your vehicle.

Woodstock, Maryland Steering and Suspension Repair and Service

Are you looking for the ultimate resource in steering and suspension repair in Woodstock, Maryland? Look no further than AutoStream Car Care Center. We provide customers with a hassle-free experience and promise to have your car serviced right the first time. Call us today at (410) 418-9670 to make an appointment or come visit us at 410781 Birmingham Way to learn more about all of our auto maintenance and repair services.

What Parts Are Involved With Steering and Suspension Repair

There are several critical components that are involved with your car’s steering and suspension system, all of which are equally as important as the other. Let’s take a look at a few of the most important parts.

Ball Joints

A critical aspect of your vehicle’s suspension system is the ball joints. Ball joints, located between the control arm and steering knuckle, act as a pivot point between your car’s wheels and the entire suspension system.

Inner Tie Rod & Outer Tie Rod Replacement

No matter the type of vehicle you own, your steering system involves inner and outer tie rods. Tie rods are an important part of your car’s steering and suspension system and are what links your car’s steering system to the steering arm, as well as the steering wheel.


Another important element of your car’s suspension system is the shocks. Shocks are designed to help absorb the impact and force that your vehicle’s suspension system undergoes while driving to protect the rest of your car’s components.


Similar to shocks, struts are equally as important. While shocks dampen some of the force from the road, struts are designed to work in collaboration and act as a pivot point for your vehicle’s steering apparatus.

Sway Bar

Last, but certainly not least, is the sway bar. The sway bar acts as a stabilizer in your vehicle’s suspension system and controls the “body roll” by distributing the weight of your vehicle to either side of the suspension system.