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Brake Repair in Annapolis, MD

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While the engine may be the most important component of a car because it makes everything go, the brakes are just as important for balancing out its movement. Because stopping is such a vital part of driving a car, it is important you have your brakes not only in good condition but also ready to perform. If your vehicle needs brake repair in Annapolis, Maryland, AutoStream Car Care Center can keep you and your family safe. The reason why you need your brakes to perform above the level of functioning is that you never know when you’ll need to make a quick stop. Generally, we use our brakes in predictable situations so we don’t test their limits often. For this reason, we may not know if our brakes have deteriorated to the point wherein extreme circumstances they won’t allow a fast enough stop.

How Brakes Wear Out

Most mechanics suggest getting new brakes after 50,000 miles, but even then your back wheel brakes will wear differently than your front wheel brakes. This can change depending on which wheels turn on your car, but for the most part, the brakes will wear out sooner in the front. This is because the engine is there and the weight of the car is more towards the front unless of course, the engine is in the back. You’ll want your brakes checked for repair every other visit to a shop. Ultimately, the wear will depend on your driving habits, such as how soon you leave off the gas before you need to decelerate. Drivers who make more abrupt stops when not necessary to do so will wear their brakes down faster. Driving in high traffic or mountainous areas will also put more wear on brakes because of the amount of control needed for stop-and-go traffic or carefully changing elevations.

How to Know When Your Brakes May Need Repair

It may be time for your car’s brakes to be repaired if you hear a squealing or scraping sound when you brake. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it’s intended to make that sound. Brakes are designed with a material that when the pad gets too worn it starts to scrape against that other material and create that sound. It simply means it is time to get them replaced. Uneven wearing of the brakes can also make the tires feel like they are wiggling instead of tightly braking.

This, and anything that makes you feel like you can’t stop as soon as you want to, should signal that your brakes should be looked at. Getting your brakes fixed if anything seems off can be a great benefit to your safety when driving. If you need brake repair in Annapolis, Maryland, come visit us at 1210 Forest Drive or call us at (443) 837-6060 to learn more.