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Wheel Alignment in Annapolis, MD

Wheels and Why We Care How They Turn — AutoStream Car Care Center

The driver’s interface is meant to be simplistic and responsive, and many people get comfortable with how their cars feel. When a mirror is misplaced or the seat is too far forward because someone else was in the driver’s seat, that comfort is broken and it needs to be restored or it becomes a distraction. Likewise, when a car’s wheels aren’t aligned it can become a distraction or a difference in what you expect your car to do when inputting controls, which as we know can cause accidents on the road. AutoStream Car Care Center can get the wheel alignment straight for any drivers in Annapolis, Maryland, or near Baltimore. We know that driving a car for many people can be enjoyable, but when the wheel alignment is off it becomes a nuisance and doesn’t feel as immersive.

When Do Wheels Become Uneven

The alignment of your wheels can be thrown off when driving over potholes or speed bumps too quickly. A speed bump is meant to entice you to slow down manually, not by sheer force. If you’re cruising over terrain like that, you can shock your alignment which can cause many other issues. Even if your alignment is fine, there may be other factors creating uneven wear on your tires. Having more passengers one day won’t make much difference, but if your vehicle has luggage unevenly spread for many months, it will definitely lean toward the side of the car where most of the luggage is. Tires that are damaged or low on air pressure can also cause your car to lean in their direction due to a lack of support. Most alignment issues are determined through feeling. If the car’s steering wheel isn’t straight when you let go of it or the car pulls to either side, it is definitely evidence of an alignment issue.

How Does Alignment Affect Your Vehicle

If your wheel alignment is off, the most commonly occurring problem is that your tires wear unevenly. Not only will your tires wear out faster in some areas, but they will also wear differently from the back and front tires. If you don’t wear the tires evenly you’ll need to replace them much sooner and lose out on the value of their cost when you could have realigned your tires for much cheaper. This will also decrease your gas mileage because your car isn’t uniformly directing its force forwards. If you do suspect wheel alignment issues in your car, visit us at AutoStream Car Care Center in Annapolis, Maryland. We can repair your wheels or any other car component with great care to return you and your car to a comfortable status. Call us at (443) 837-6060 or visit us on 1210 Forest Drive to learn more.