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Oil Change in Annapolis, MD

Why Oil Changes Are Necessary — AutoStream Car Care Center

Some car dashboard lights will indicate that service is required, which usually means your car is due for an oil change. If you are looking for service in Annapolis, Maryland, AutoStream Car Care Center can provide you the right services with dependable interactions. Your car’s oil keeps your engine performing well and any impurities will improve your gas mileage and sustain your engine’s life and performance under harsher conditions. As time goes on and the engine gets used, the oil will become darker, less pure, and not give your engine the best support. There are many factors to tell you when to get your car’s oil serviced, and even some cars have monitoring systems that can take these factors into account when determining oil condition, but some people may want to know when is a good time.

Get the Right Service for Your Car

Because your engine is by far the most important component of your car, keeping it serviced and healthy will extend the lifespan of your car greatly. If you’re looking to keep your car in good condition, you’ll be glad you worked with AutoStream Car Care Center. Whether it is an oil change or any other repairs or services, we have ASE-certified technicians and AAA-approved service to provide you with your needs. We have supported the community in and around Baltimore with reliable service for over 20 years, and now we’re opening a new location in Annapolis, MD. Call us at (443) 837-6060 or visit us on 1210 Forest Drive to see what we can do for you.

When to Get Your Oil Changed

There is a lot of disagreement on when a car should get its oil changed. Some prefer the safer number of 3,000 miles to get their oil changed, but others go up to 7,500. This is because every vehicle is different and how each driver behaves is different. There are two main factors to consider when deciding whether you should go in for an oil change in between those two ranges. Checking the owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer suggests should be a good starting point.

Because cars can be designed for different consumption and use, they will have a specific number for you to begin with. You can find an owner’s manual online at the manufacturer’s website if you don’t have the booklet. Then you will want to factor in your usage of the car. If you drive sparingly, then it may take years to go enough miles to meet that threshold. Oil can still get old and dirty if it isn’t under constant use, and it may even cause stagnation because running the engine keeps the fluids moving. An oil change every 4-6 months is a good check if your mileage varies.