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Tire Repair in Annapolis, MD

Why Tire Repair Is Necessary — AutoStream Car Care Center

Tire repair can be a serious concern because accidents can occur if your tire goes flat. Deflated tires also require more effort to spin and therefore reduce your mileage. AutoStream Car Care Center in Annapolis, Maryland, has the expertise to know when and how to repair a tire that is damaged. No one tries to drive over a nail, but there is limited time to react and all sorts of litter that can be on the road. If you drive over an object and it punctures your tire, it can cause more damage than you expect. Your tires protect the wheel and when you drive on a flat tire it won’t take long until you have much more than just repairing the tires. This is why a flat tire is such an immediate threat. Drivers should pull over to the side of the road if they get a flat tire and place their spare or call for help. If you see your car has a puncture it is important to get it repaired or replaced immediately.

Tire Safety May Not Be Clearly Visible

A damaged tired may not immediately prove dangerous, but it can cause problems later on. Punctured tires can loosen the threads that keep the rubber together and eventually create a larger hole in the tire. The tire will lose air and allow moisture onto the wheels which can cause corrosion. The wound of the tire may even be on the inside of the tire which is why it is important for a mechanic to take the tire off of the wheel. There are two defining areas where a tire may get damaged. The tread in the middle of the tire or where the tire makes contact with the road can be repaired, but the tread on the shoulder or side of the tire cannot be repaired. Also any damages that exceed a certain size or are within a certain proximity to other damages will make the tire too dangerous to drive on even if it is repaired. These must simply be replaced. It is important technicians adhere to the industry standards in these cases.

When Tires Need Replacing

A tire’s tread gets worn over time, and you’ll lose the ability to grip the road, especially in snow and rain if your tread is too shallow. One way to check this is using some pocket change. If you place a quarter head first into your tread and Washington’s head does not get covered, your tread is getting low. Do this in multiple spots to measure if there is uneven wearing. If you have any damages or your tread isn’t providing you the control you want, come to AutoStream Car Care Center in Annapolis, Maryland, and we’ll cover your tire repair. Also call us at (443) 837-6060 or visit us on 1210 Forest Drive to learn more.