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One of the major systems found within your vehicle, the transmission system is the reason why you’re able to drive forward and backward. For manual vehicle owners, it’s why you’re able to control your car’s RPMs. So when this system begins to experience issues, you need to prevent it from getting worse. At AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland, we want to help you get the best version of your car’s transmission. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and inspectors utilize state-of-the-art tools, components, and service techniques to ensure your car gets only the best in service. After your visit with us, you can drive with confidence knowing you’re utilizing the best version of your transmission system.

Does Your Transmission Need Service?

Unless you’re a trained professional or an automotive enthusiast, it can be difficult to know when your car’s transmission system is going through some problems. At AutoStream Car Care, we believe being proactive is key to maintaining your vehicle’s performance and you can achieve that by understanding the signs of transmission failure and wear-and-tear. Not sure what to look for? That’s where we can help. Here are a few common warning signs you should look out for:

Low Transmission Fluid

Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid is not burned or consumed. If the transmission fluid is low, your vehicle’s transmission system is leaking. You’ll likely notice via warning signal or if there’s a pinkish fluid buildup underneath your vehicle. This issue could be caused by debris on the road or a gap in the system, but we recommend service as soon as you see it, as low fluid levels can seriously hurt the transmission.

Strange Transitions

Does the transition feel rough or delayed anytime you change gears? If so, that’s a clear sign that something is wrong with the transmission. A common cause for this issue is when drivers shift from Reverse to Forward before the vehicle has fully stopped. But regardless of what caused the problem, you must have it fixed immediately, as this can dramatically affect the quality and performance of your drives.

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Transmission trouble can greatly diminish the performance of your vehicle and take a lot out of your wallet if not cared for promptly. Get ahead of minor issues before they become major problems and schedule a transmission repair service with AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and inspectors can quickly perform the services your transmission system needs to ensure degradation or failure doesn’t affect your car’s performance. From fluid leaks to complete failure, we can handle any transmission issue you may experience.

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