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When vehicle owners think about what powers their vehicle, many of their first thoughts go to the engine, and understandably so. But one major system that many owners don’t think about is the battery and charging system. Compromised of the alternator and battery, this system helps power the electrical systems and functions found in your vehicle. From your A/C to the engine, there isn’t much that isn’t affected by the performance of the battery and alternator.

At AutoStream Car Care Center, we make sure your car’s battery and charging systems are performing properly. Our shop in Baltimore, Maryland, is home to experienced ASE Master Certified technicians and inspectors that can handle any problem you may be experiencing, from a failing alternator to an underpowered battery. When you schedule a service with us, know that you’ll be working with professionals who can bring the best out of your car’s electrical systems.

What to Look Out For

Outside of having it regularly serviced, one of the best ways to have your car’s battery and charging systems performing at its best is to know when they aren’t. By understanding basic warning signs, you’ll be able to prevent the issues from getting worse. Here are just a few signs that your car’s battery or alternator may require service:

Car Doesn’t Start Properly

When you turn the key or push the button, you expect the engine to start immediately. If it takes a few extra seconds to start the car, or if the car doesn’t start at all, there may be something wrong with the battery. The spark plugs utilize the battery to send a spark to the air-fuel mixture and start your vehicle. Without a functioning battery, your car won’t start, so we recommend you visit us to see if the battery must be recharged or replaced.

Dim Headlights

Do you feel like your car’s headlights are a little dim? If so, there may be something wrong with your car’s electrical systems. This is usually caused by a low charged battery or faulty diodes found in the alternator. This can be dangerous to drive with, especially on dark and rainy nights. Make sure you visit a professional to accurately determine what’s going on.

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From the radio to the engine, your vehicle relies on the battery and alternator to power many of its systems. Issues with any of these systems can dramatically affect the comfort and performance of your vehicle in the worst way, and AutoStream Car Care Center can help prevent that. Our service professionals carry years of experience servicing these major charging systems and have the knowledge and expertise to handle any service they may need. We make sure these systems and components are working properly, so your vehicle is fully powered. You can schedule a visit by calling our shop at or visiting us on 1035 West 41st Street. We’re right across the street from Green Spring Tower Square.