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Even with all of the safety innovations installed into vehicles, nothing provides you with more direct responsibility for your safety than the brakes. It’s why you can traverse busy highways and navigate winding roads safely, and any fault or compromise in the system can jeopardize your safety and driving experience. At AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland, we make sure that your car is always at its safest. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and inspectors use state-of-the-art tools, parts, and service practices for all your brake services to ensure nothing compromises its performance. We take your safety seriously, and we make sure your vehicle’s braking system is always performing at its best.

Brake Issues You Should Know

One of the most important components found in your car’s braking system is the brake pads, as it helps protect the system from metal-on-metal contact. Without it, your car’s braking system would not last long, and you wouldn’t be able to come to a complete stop quickly. But because of the stress this component takes, the pads can begin to thin out, and it’s important to know when they need to be replaced. If you’re not sure when this needs to happen, here are two things you should look out for:

Squeaking or Squealing

Whenever you hear squeaking or squealing when using the brakes, that should quickly alert you that the brake pads have almost fully worn out. Although your car is fine for the time being, we suggest scheduling service at your first convenience. If you neglect this issue and continue to drive, the pads will eventually wear out and lead to metal-on-metal contact within the braking system, which can cause significant damage.


Do you hear grinding when using the brakes? If so, your car’s braking system is in big trouble as the brake pads have fully worn out. At this point, the metal calipers are clamping down on the metal brake disc and causing serious damage to the system. Continuing to drive can lead to grooves within the brake disc, a warped rotor, or something worse, and you’ll likely face a pricey repair bill. If you hear this sound in your vehicle, we recommend that you stop driving and visit our shop immediately.

We’re Ready to Help

Make sure you are driving the safest version of your vehicle and schedule a brake repair service with AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Our staff carries years of experience in the industry and have extensive experience repairing and maintaining braking systems. From brake pad replacement to rotor repair, we trust that our team can do it all with the quality, care, and precision that you always expect from us.

You can schedule your appointment by giving us a call at and chatting with one of our staff members. If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by and schedule a visit in person. You can find us on 1035 West 41st Street, across the street from Green Spring Tower Square. We look forward to working with you and your vehicle!