Maryland State Inspection Services in Ellicott City

Pass or Fail, We Got You Covered!--Autostream Car Care Center

You’ll need to get your vehicle inspected before it can be registered in Maryland. If you’re new to the area, you should visit Autostream Car Care Center in Ellicott City, MD first. We’re a go-to facility for any of your vehicle’s inspection needs, and we’ll let you know exactly what you need to comply with Maryland inspection laws. Our standards and requirements are slightly different than the inspection laws of most states. Maryland drivers are only required to get their vehicles inspected once, but if that vehicle is ever sold it will need another inspection. Whenever the ownership and registration changes, an inspection is needed. Owners need to make sure their vehicle is getting inspected and registered within the allotted time. Bring your used vehicle to Autostream Car Care Center in Ellicott City for any of its inspection needs. Safety is always our first priority, and our team is quick and thorough when making sure your vehicle is ready for the road.

New to Maryland?–Visit Autostream Car Care Center First!

You are required to get a new vehicle inspected, even if you purchased that new vehicle from an out of state dealership. Owners should always keep in mind that they have a 90-day time limit after any inspection certificate is issued. The certificate will become invalid if you do not get the vehicle registered within 90 days. Autostream Car Care Center is Ellicott City’s official inspection facility and we cover all vehicle components as mandated by state law. Some of the components that we inspect are the brakes, lights, safety belts, steering, emissions, and many other vital components. If your vehicle does not pass inspection, you can receive all the repair services you need from Autostream Car Care Center. Make us your first choice for any of your vehicle’s inspection needs. Our expert technicians can make sure you always leave our facility with a passing inspection grade.

Schedule Your Vehicle’s Inspection

New to Ellicott City? Purchasing a used car? These are two situations that will require a new inspection for your vehicle. Give us a call today at (410) 740-2305 to schedule your vehicle’s inspection service appointment. For your convenience, you can go ahead and pick a day and time that works best for you while you’re online. Our online schedule system is quicker and easier. We look forward to meeting your inspection service needs!