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If you and your vehicle are new to Maryland, you’ll need to get it inspected before you can receive your Maryland Inspection Certificate, which you’ll need to complete your vehicle’s registration. AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore is the go-to facility for all of your vehicle’s Maryland State Safety inspection needs. Allow us to welcome you to the state of Maryland by providing you with this area’s best inspection services. You will find that Maryland’s State Inspection Laws are different than most states. While most states require an annual inspection, Maryland drivers will only need to get their vehicles inspected once. However, repeat inspections for your vehicle is required when a previously owned vehicle is being sold. This means that even if your vehicle has been inspected this year, it will need to be re-inspected if the ownership and registration are changing. The new owner is responsible for making sure the vehicle gets inspected within the allotted time. You should bring your vehicle to AutoStream Car Care Center for any of your used vehicles’ inspection needs. Safety is always the first priority with any of our vehicle inspections. Our team is quick and thorough, making sure your vehicle is ready for the road and fully compliant with Maryland State Inspection Standards.

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If you purchased a new vehicle from an out-of-state dealership, are required to get it inspected. Owners should keep in mind that there is a time limit on the inspection certificates they receive. You will need to get your car registered as soon as possible afterward, because you only have 90 days before the inspection certificate becomes invalid. AutoStream Car Care Center is Baltimore’s official inspection facility, and we cover all vehicle components as mandated by state law. Our safety standards inspections will cover brakes, lights, window tint, steering, exhaust, and any other vital safety components, which we detail in your inspection report. If your vehicle fails nspection, you can receive the services you need at the AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore. This should make us your first choice for any inspection needs. The expert technicians at our facility can make sure you always leave with a passing grade.

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New to Baltimore? Purchasing a used car? These are two situations that will require a new inspection for your vehicle. Give us a call today at (410) 484-3664 to schedule your vehicle’s inspection service appointment. For your convenience, you can go ahead and pick a day and time that works best for you while you’re online. Our online schedule system is quicker and easier. We look forward to meeting your inspection service needs!