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Wheel Alignment in Owings Mills, Maryland

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What Is Wheel Alignment?

Proper wheel alignment guards against poor performance and tire strain. When your wheels become misaligned, your braking, handling, and overall safety are adversely affected. At the same time, your tires can wear prematurely and drag, causing an increase in fuel consumption. When you come in for wheel alignment service at AutoStream Car Care Center, our team will inspect your wheel and tire assembly and measure the angles of your wheels. These include the camber, caster, and toe, each of which needs to be set to manufacturer specifications for optimal and safe performance. The camber is the inward/outward tilt of the wheel, the caster is the fore/aft slope of the steering axis, and the toe is the measurement of how much the wheels are turned in/out from a straight position. If one or more is off, we will use our advanced measuring technology to correct it. We are trained and talented in conducting wheel alignment services for all makes and models. Come by our auto shop in Owings Mills, Maryland, soon for a top-quality wheel alignment.

How Often Do You Need Wheel Alignment Service?

The positioning of your wheels can get knocked off from a variety of situations. A sudden impact or disturbance on the road is the main culprit, which includes bumping into a curb, hitting a pothole, driving over a speed bump too fast, or getting into an accident. Worn or loose suspension parts can also cause misalignment. When you come in regularly for service, we’ll inspect the condition of your tire and wheel assembly and determine if alignment is needed. Often, there are signs that you need your wheels aligned. Your vehicle pulling to the side without your input is one of the most common. If it feels like your car is shaking or vibrating, misalignment can be the reason. Additional symptoms include a bumpy ride, uneven or excessive tire wear, or a crooked steering wheel (the inability for it to sit straight when driving straight). As soon as you notice a difference in handling or tire performance, visit our auto repair shop! We’re open Monday through Friday and are always happy to help.

Visit Us for Wheel Alignment Today

The main goal of wheel alignment service is to get all four tires tracking straight and true, and we are equipped to guarantee that. At AutoStream Car Care Center, we offer front-end, four-wheel, and thrust-angle alignment services. While here, we’ll inspect the other systems closely related to the wheel alignment, such as the suspension and steering system. A problem with wheel alignment can sometimes affect these, and vice versa. Our services come with a lifetime warranty, and we offer free shuttle service, loaner cars, and roadside assistance (plus so much more) for a seamless service experience. Call us today at 410-902-9629 to learn more about wheel alignment service, our offerings, and anything in between! We look forward to working with you here at 9629 Reisterstown Road, Owings Mills, MD 21117.