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Common Auto Repairs to Think About

Common Auto Repair Services

Many times, we only think of auto repair when something has gone wrong with our vehicle, but there are several common auto repair services you should be thinking about more, and having them performed can keep your vehicle running and on the road instead of in the shop. Scheduled maintenance for your vehicle based on the manufacturer’s recommendations is one common auto repair service you should have done. Another service you may have allowed to lapse is changing the air filters on your vehicle, including the passenger cabin air filter. If you or your passengers have allergies, or you live in the southeast, where the pine pollen turns the world green each year, you’ll want to have that air filter changed far more often than you may have in the past. It’s not just about passenger comfort but about not stressing the HVAC system in your vehicle. Another top of the list of common auto repair/maintenance services you should have done regularly is having the oil changed. Regular oil changes improve the life of your engine and give your mechanic the opportunity to inspect your vehicle on a regular basis to head off any cascading problems that might be building up.

Fluids and Replacements

Not only are maintenance services important to the life of your vehicle but having the fluid levels checked and systems flushed and refilled can be an important part of lengthening the life of your vehicle as well. It’s common for your mechanic to recommend topping up fluid levels, inspecting your vehicle for the cause of fluid loss, and flushing the systems to refill with fresh fluid, be it brake, transmission, or cooling systems. Other common auto repair services include replacing batteries and servicing the ignition systems, inspecting and replacing tires, and keeping your brakes in top working order.

The AutoStream Car Care Center is Your Auto Repair Partner

The team at AutoStream Car Care Center wants to partner with you to ensure your vehicle is always in top running order. They can help you set up and keep to a schedule of regular maintenance services and work with you when an auto repair issue arises with your vehicle. If you’re having any problems with your car, why not call to make an appointment today? You can also stop by the shop to speak with knowledgeable customer service advisors about how a partnership with AutoStream Car Care Center can take the stress out of keeping your vehicle on the road and running safely.

Written by Doug Grills