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When it comes to making sure your car’s engine runs properly, nothing is more important than keeping up with routine oil changes. While every vehicle is different, most experts suggest servicing your vehicle every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but it’s also recommended that you check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see how often your car needs them performed. While many auto owners think it’s okay to drive a few extra hundred or thousand miles after their suggested oil change date, this could actually be causing your car more damage and cost you more money in the long run. Changing your engine’s oil at regular intervals helps give your car’s engine its best performance on a daily basis. Here are a few other ways that oil change services help your vehicle when it matters most. If your car needs new oil, call us at AutoStream Car Care Center today to make an appointment.

Benefits of Routine Oil Changes

Removes Engine Gunk

When your car’s oil is changed, it also removes all of the debris that has made its way inside your engine and turned the oil to a sludge-like substance. From dirt, dust, and debris, this buildup can make it extremely difficult for all of the components in your car to function smoothly and could result in decreased engine power and fuel efficiency.

Replace the Oil Filter

As previously mentioned, contaminants can get inside an engine’s motor from driving. As oil circulates through the engine, it leaves these particles behind in the oil filter. Once the oil filter becomes clogged, it prevents oil from flowing throughout your car’s engine. Eventually, dirty oil can cause harsh friction between all of the different moving parts of the engine and lead to critical engine damage that will cost you extra to repair.

Restores Engine Power

Once dirty oil is successfully drained and replaced, new oil can be added. Fresh oil restores your engine to its full capabilities so that it can produce the necessary amount of power to move your vehicle with ease while also obtaining the highest fuel economy possible.

Ensures Proper Lubrication

One of the most important reasons why oil needs to be changed on time is to maintain proper lubrication of all of the moving parts within the engine.

Without an adequate amount of clean oil in the engine, certain parts can come into contact with each other and cause friction and unnecessary heat that will eventually result in engine damage. This is not only time consuming but can also be incredibly expensive to repair.

Mechanical Overview

Lastly, when an oil change is performed, an auto repair technician has the opportunity to take a look at all of the other components in your vehicle. This gives them an opportunity to check for other irregularities such as wear and tear and potential issues, while also recommending other services that may need to be completed now or in the future to ensure a safe and reliable car.

Quality Auto Repair in Baltimore, Maryland

Oil changes should never be put off. For expert oil change service in Baltimore, Maryland, come see us at AutoStream Car Care Center. We offer quick and affordable oil service for all makes and models. Call us today at (410) 484-3664 to schedule an appointment or come see us at 2859 Smith Ave to learn more about how we can help you.