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Your ability to stop your vehicle is very important, the most important some might say. Therefor your brakes should be inspected regularly to make sure they are in good working order. Keeping an eye on your brake pads could save you time and money in the future by avoiding having to replace or turn your rotors. If you think you may be having brake problems bring your car into our auto repair shop, AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, MD and have one of our brake repair specialists take a look at them for you. Check out our specials page to see what deals we are currently offering.

Signs your you need brake pad replacement

There are many different warning signals that your car puts out to let the drive know that something is wrong or wearing out. Not paying attention to or ignoring these signs will lead to expensive repairs. Take a look at the following warning signs and see if you are in need of brake repair.

The brakes make a high-pitched squealing noise-The first sign is a loud high-pitched squealing that sounds when you press the brake. This noise cannot be heard with loud music or the heat/air conditioner on. A small metal wear indicator causes this noise. When the indicator comes in contact with metal it creates the high-pitched noise. There are no wear indicators on back brakes so you will want to keep an eye on those pads. If you notice there is only about ¼ an inch left on the pads it is time to replace them. If you hear the high-pitched noise or see that your pads are worn, take your car to get checked out as soon as possible.

The breaks make a grinding sound- It is caused by the metal caliper and the metal disc rubbing together due to the break pad being completely worn down. That grinding noise leads to costly repairs. Not only do you need to replace your brake pads, you now need to replace your rotors or have them turned by a qualified mechanic. This basic maintenance and repair service has now become a more expensive problem.

When braking the car pulls to one side- The car pulling to one side can mean many different things. But in this case, when braking if it pulls to one side or the other it generally means they are wearing down unevenly and need to be replaced. It would also be beneficial if you have this problem to check your alignment and tires as well. Excessive wear on one side can lead to other problems.

Don’t wait to get your brakes checked

When it comes to your brake maintenance services, you don’t want to play the, “let’s wait and see card”. Stop by, Call or Schedule an appointment online with our auto care repair shop to see one of our brake repair specialists and get the peace of mind you need to know that you or a family members car is safe and in good condition. We will get you safely back on the road in no time.