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Tire Repair in Randallstown, MD

Where Repairing Is Better Than Replacing

For some, a flat tire can put a bump in an entire day. Some get stuck on the side of the road. Others get stuck in their own driveway. But, no matter where you are, flat tires halt us in our tracks. Maybe you calculate how much a new tire will cost. Maybe you look at the treads of your other tires to see if it’s worth exchanging all four of them. Were you aware that you do not always have to replace a tire?

Sometimes, A Flat Tire Isn’t Truly Flat

When we think “flat tire,” we think “unusable tire,” and that simply isn’t the case. Now, if you’ve blown a tire, that is a completely different story. But, for people that have driven over a nail, or suffered only a minor puncture, it may be fixed without a new tire involved. Fixing a flat tire is often cheaper, and much easier than one would expect. However, if you’ve never patched a tire before, it is best left to an ASE-certified technician so that you can ensure it’s done right the first time. If the puncture point is within a certain area of the tire and has created no risk to how the tire functions, a mechanic may move to patch it. If that’s the case, rubber cement or some sort of vulcanizing glue will patch the hole and get you back on the road. The fix itself takes around an hour, and your technician will test the tire for a secure seal and hold before placing it back onto your vehicle. We here at AutoStream Car Care Center are equipped with the latest and greatest technology in the marketplace today for automotive repair, and we offer a diverse menu of maintenance and repair processes to service all budgets our customers have. If we can repair it, we will, because we don’t see a reason for our customers to be spending money when they don’t have to. Let our warranties be your safety net while we utilize our top-notch products to keep your costs down.

Book An Appointment With Us ASAP

Flat tires come with enough stress. But, sometimes, the tire doesn’t even have to be flat to be compromised! For many vehicle owners, a tire pressure monitoring system (or TPMS) is the system housing the sensors that clock your tire’s pressure. When your tires fall below a certain pressure threshold, it triggers a light on your dashboard to illuminate. So, you pull up to your nearest air pump, and fill up your tire to the recommended PSI, only for the dashboard light to come on a few days later. If you find yourself in this vicious cycle of putting air on your tire multiple times a week just to stay on the road, bring your tire to us. We may be able to patch your tire before it blows, or before the puncture gets worse. If you believe, for any reason, that your tire has been compromised, bring it in to see us at 8527 Liberty Rd Ste A, Randallstown, MD 21133. We have tests we can run to figure out exactly what’s going on with your tire and the best course of action. Or, if you are already dealing with a flat tire and need someone to look at things, call us at 410-701-8817. Our staff is standing by, waiting to answer your questions and take your concerns off your shoulders.