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Hybrid Repair in Columbia, MD

What are some common hybrid repair issues?

Several common repair issues arise when you own and operate a hybrid vehicle. You can also make corresponding changes to your driving and maintenance habits that can mitigate the severity of these known repair issues.

The Issues

The most common issue drivers have with hybrid vehicles is connected to weak or worn-out batteries. Because many hybrid batteries are weaker than those used in conventional gas-powered vehicles, they need to be replaced more often than those used in other vehicles.

The oxygen sensors detect the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. Higher levels of oxygen mean lower gas mileage. Oxygen sensors lose their efficacy over time and with age. Replacing them is a relatively inexpensive fix to a problem that can cost more when you’re spending much more on gas than is necessary.

A catalytic converter failure can be a costly and time-consuming repair, especially when it’s a repair that is time sensitive because of the emissions requirements in your state.

Hybrid vehicles often have leaks in the evaporative emissions system (EVAP). If your check engine light comes on or you smell gasoline in your vehicle, it’s time to see your service center technician about a hybrid repair.

How to Reduce the Issues

Making and keeping to a preventative maintenance schedule is the best way to mitigate the known hybrid repair issues mentioned above. Work with your mechanic to make a schedule, and then make sure you return to your service center for the appointments. Your mechanic will then check the known problem areas, make necessary repairs, and help you understand what your vehicle needs and how to head off small problems before they get bigger and more expensive.

All vehicles have common repair issues. Those issues will vary from one make and model of vehicle to another. Working with your mechanic will always be the best way to keep such issues under control. Your car is an important part of your daily life. Give the technicians at AutoStream Car Care in Columbia, MD, a call and make an appointment to discuss your vehicle's needs.

Written by Doug Grills