Reliable Brake Repair in Ellicott City, MD

Efficient and Friendly Brake Maintenance

The most important safety feature in your vehicle is the braking system. AutoStream Car Care Center of Ellicott City, MD provides dependable, affordable, and efficient brake repair and customer service to the community. Whether you are looking for a simple brake pad replacement or you need new rotors, we are your dealership alternative. Our technicians are all ASE certified and are capable of working on both foreign and domestic vehicles. Not only do we provide full-service brake repair but we stand by all our repairs with a great parts and labor warranty. We believe in completing all levels of brake maintenance services right the first time, so you do not need to worry about it again. Call today or schedule service online.

When To Have Your Brakes Inspected

Brakes can be fairly easy to diagnose if you just pay attention every now and then. It’s best to listen to your brakes when the air and music are off so you can hear the warning signals. First, if you think you are having problems with your brakes have them inspected as soon as possible. Your brake system is your first line of defense against a car accident, so best not leave it to chance. It is always better to be safe. Listed below are a few things to keep an eye and ear out for. If you have any of the following problems please bring your car to the nearest AutoStream Car Care Center of Maryland.

Warning Signals of Brake Repair

  • High-pitched squeaking or squealing noise when you apply your brakes. A small metal wear indicator can cause this. That noise is to warn you that your brake pads need to be replaced.
  • Spongy or Soft Brakes. If you notice, that you have to push your brake pedal farther down to the floor in order to stop your vehicle. Or notice that your vehicle slows down more slowly than it used to when applying the brake. You may have a problem with your brake lines. This could mean a leak or just a simple lack of fluid.
  • Shaking or vibrating while braking. This could mean a problem with your tires or the alignment and both can affect your braking system.
  • Loud Grinding Noise! This is generally not a good sign. It can indicate metal on metal contact due to complete loss of brake pads. This can cause more damage than just a simple brake pad replacement.
  • Car drifts to the right or left when braking. This can also be a sign of tire and or alignment issues.

Schedule Brake Repair Service Today

Autostream is a dedicated auto repair service shop to providing the community with dependable and trustworthy brake repair and maintenance. We offer complimentary local shuttle service upon request. For a car service thats more extensive, we do have a loaner car program. Don’t wait to have your brake inspected. So, the next time you find yourself in need of brake service or repair call (410) 740-2305 or schedule a service appointment online.