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Premium Oil Change in Clarksburg, MD

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Autostream in Clarksburg, MD want to be your oil change service center in Clarksburg, MD. Regular maintenance is important to the life of your vehicle. The lifeblood of your engine is oil. Having your car serviced and keeping up with regular oil changes will help keep your engine running stronger and help maintain performance. Whether you drive a high performance vehicle or a sedan, our ASE Certified Technicians can handle the job. We are able to provide fast and efficient oil changes both regular and synthetic. If you are unsure about what type of oil you need we suggest bringing your car in and we will look at for you. We will advise you of what type of oil your car requires to run smoothly and efficiently.

Quality Oil Change Service and Great Customer Service

With seven locations now in the Maryland area there is always an AutoStream Car Care Center close to home. Call or schedule your appointment online today. Don’t forget to check out our specials page for valuable savings on your next service.

When should I get my oil Changed?

The standard rule used to be every few 1000 miles or every 3 months. No longer is there a standard amount of miles or time you should keep track of between getting lube service. There are vehicles now that can go 10,000 miles before ever needing an oil change there is even a vehicle that doesn’t need one for the first two years of its life. That is almost three times more miles than a regular service suggests. Our ASE Certified Technicians can help create an individualized oil change service schedule that fits your car specifically and your driving habits. Regular maintenance will keep your vehicle running in prime condition for years. Call AutoStream Car Care Center today for your next lube service.

Why are oil changes important

Oil changes are important because your engine cannot work properly unless it is lubricated. Oil has three functions: lubrication, removing dust and particles, and reducing friction and heat. Additives are added to oil that help with these primary functions. Lubrication helps preserve the metal components within your engine when working together to prevent overheating, reduce friction, and avoid breakdowns. Dispersants and detergents act as an aid in the prevention of deposits, it neutralizes corrosive acids, and it keeps the engine's internal metal surfaces clean. Additives improve the oil’s ability to keep your engine running smoothly. Additives in your oil will break down eventually which causes the oil to lose effectiveness. Eventually this will make the oil sludge like and unable to perform it’s primary function. As more time passes without an oil change, your engine will not be able to run efficiently and will run your engine harder than intended. In some extreme cases, your engine could lock up or seize causing extensive damage and expensive repairs. Avoid this happening to you by keeping up with regular maintenance.