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Causes of Bad Alignment

Driving Environment Causes of Bad Wheel Alignment

There are many situations that occur while you drive, which can have a detrimental effect on the alignment of your wheels and lead to the need for wheel alignment services. Some are more obvious than others, but if you drive in the city of Baltimore, you surely know at least one of the main causes of bad alignment on your vehicle. Potholes are a leading cause of bad alignment, and the ones found on the roads in the city are doozies! The harder you hit a pothole, the more likely the impact is to cause misalignment in your vehicle. The same can be said of striking curbs or having minor collisions with other drivers. Each of these situations is likely to lead to bad wheel alignment, in which case you’ll want to bring your vehicle to AutoStream Car Care Center in Hampden of Baltimore, for a wheel alignment as soon as possible. A poorly aligned vehicle can lead to cascading problems with tire wear and steering and suspension system problems.

Vehicle Specific Cause of Bad Wheel Alignment

Speaking of cascading problems with steering and suspension systems, if your vehicle has bad shocks or struts or has been lifted and modified, you might be suffering from poor wheel alignment. Since the alignment of your wheels has much more to do with the steering and suspension systems on your vehicle than with the wheels themselves, any changes made to those systems can affect your wheel alignment. The team at AutoStream Car Care Center knows this and will make recommendations for the repair or replacement of parts in those systems if the ones you have are affecting the wheel alignment.

Bring Us Your Vehicle for Wheel Alignment Service

Whether you’ve noticed some warning signs of poor wheel alignment or you’ve had a run-in with a Baltimore City pothole, you can trust the AutoStream Car Care Center team to fix the problem right the first time. They’ll inspect and diagnose the root of your alignment issues and then make recommendations for service and repair to get you back on the road in a safe and aligned vehicle. Why not give them a call today to make an appointment for a wheel alignment, or stop by the shop in Hampden of Baltimore to speak with a customer service advisor about your vehicle’s alignment today?

Written by Doug Grills