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Car Batteries & Charging Systems in Woodstock, MD

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Your car's batteries and charging systems play a pivotal role in making sure your car, truck, or SUV starts when you turn the key and runs properly while you're out on the road. There are few systems in your vehicle that are as necessary as the batteries and charging systems because it essentially powers everything that relies on electricity. From starting the engine to listening to the radio, you need electricity if you want the most reliability, safety, and comfort. Over time, however, these systems can wear down and require repair and repair could be complicated without professional assistance. So, we've broken down exactly what the car batteries and charging systems are below to help you get a better understanding of how it functions your vehicle.

If your car batteries and charging systems need repair, come see us at AutoStream Car Care Center today for quick, hassle-free testing of each component. Our team of professional technicians will find out exactly where the problem is occurring so that we can properly diagnose your ride and repair it as quickly as possible.

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If you think your car batteries and charging system needs to be inspected, come see us at AutoStream Car Care Center today. We are conveniently located in the Woodstock, Maryland area at 10781 Birmingham Way . You can also give us a call at (410) 418-9670 if you are experiencing any signs of faulty car batteries or charging systems. Let one of our expert technicians take care of the work to restore your vehicle to all of its glory.

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What is Your Car Batteries and Charging System?

The car batteries and charging systems keep a charge in your battery so that it can provide energy for the radio, lights, and other automotive features while the car is running. Most modern charging systems consist of the alternator, battery, wiring, and electronic control unit. While older cars may have a regulator, in newer cars, that component is now part of the car's computer.

By turning mechanical energy into electrical energy, the alternator is what creates electrical power to run accessories and also recharge the battery. The computer then controls the alternator's output and senses when the battery needs charging or if the demand for electricity is changed. The battery then assists the engine in starting the car while also sending power to the accessories when the engine is idle.

In the event that something is not right with the charging system, you will likely see a warning light that indicates there is a problem. This typically happens when the battery has gone bad, or the alternator has stopped functioning properly.