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Your Road Trip Car Maintenance Checklist

How To Prepare For The Long Haul

There is nothing quite so adventurous as a good old-fashioned road trip. From the wind in your hair to the many incredible sights you get to see, this type of adventure offers many opportunities to experience the world. What’s important to remember is that to embark on a road trip, you need a reliable car. Nothing could thwart your plans more abruptly than a car that is stalling on the road or that suffers a tire blowout. These are just two examples of scenarios that could become a reality if your car isn’t ready for such a journey. Because of this, it is important to go through an auto repair inspection checklist to make sure your vehicle is ready to go.

Auto Repair Checklist

Now that you know why you should get auto maintenance taken care of before your trip, what should you look for before heading out on the open road? Here are the most important inspection steps to take:

  • Check the car’s tires for pressure issues or damage
  • Have the air conditioning system checked
  • Test all of the lights on the car
  • Inspect all elements of the brakes
  • Check the wipers and wiper fluid
  • Analyze all fluid levels

Checking Oil and Air Filters

If it is time to change the vehicle’s air filter or oil, make sure that you do so before heading out on the road. Oil should be changed every 3,000 miles or in three months, but if you plan to hit these milestones during your trip, get it changed before you go. Air filters should be changed yearly or every 12,000 miles, but you should change yours before your journey if you plan to hit this milestone during the trip or if you want to lessen your chances of running into a vehicle issue that could ruin the adventure.

Where to Get Help

What should you do if you find that something is wrong with your car or one of its components during your inspection? Please take it into AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland, for expert car care! We have been proud to offer high-quality auto repairs and maintenance to car owners since 1999. All of our technicians are ACE certified, so you know that one of your most prized possessions is in good hands. Learn more about our services today to get started, so you can get out there and explore!

Written by Doug Grills