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You Can Control the Weather (Or At Least Keep It Cool In Your Car)

Keeping Your AC Cold

We’ve all heard the saying that you can’t control the weather. While this is true for controlling conditions outdoors, you can take care of how you feel inside your vehicle. In addition to simply turning on the air conditioner, there are actually some additional steps you can take to help make the AC feel cooler. For help with all your auto AC repair needs, schedule an appointment with an ASE certified technician at AutoStream Car Care Center in Clarksburg, Maryland.

A Quick Review of How The AC Works

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system works using a high-pressure gas refrigerant. The evaporator removes heat from the air as it passes through before allowing that air to enter the passenger cabin. The heat is removed because it is transferred to the refrigerant. This works because the compressor changes the gas into a liquid, sending it to the condenser through a tube. The condenser cools the compressed refrigerant and sends it along to the expansion valve or orifice tube, depending on your make and model. The refrigerant returns to gas form and goes to the accumulator or drier where the moisture is removed from the refrigerant. As it returns to the evaporator, the cycle continues. Although some people express concern that it decreases fuel economy when you use the AC, the fact is that open windows increase drag. Thus, it may actually cost more to drive with the windows down than it does to use the AC, especially at higher speeds.

Tips for Feeling Cooler

Obviously, the function of the air conditioner is to cool your vehicle. But did you know that there are some tips you can use to help your car feel even cooler? First, park in the shade when you can to keep the greenhouse effect from taking effect. Also, turn on the “regular” AC setting first as opposed to the max AC setting. This is recommended because max actually recycles air from inside the car. If that air is extremely hot, you’re cooling slower at first, not faster. Avoid leaving the AC setting on a partly cool setting. Force out the hot air, then set it on cold so that your system isn’t repeatedly heating and cooling to moderate the temperature. Finally, make sure you have a clean cabin air filter and a sufficient amount of refrigerant.

What To Do When You’re Still Not Cool Enough

If you try these tips and still feel too hot in the car, visit AutoStream Car Care Center. We can inspect your vehicle’s AC system and make any necessary repairs. Whether it’s something simple like recharge services, or a more extensive AC system leak repair, our ASE certified technicians can handle it all.

Written by Doug Grills