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What to Know About Your Auto Repair Shop

Relationships Matter

When you need preventive maintenance services, require auto repair, or just want to ask some questions, it’s great to have a facility you can trust. That’s just what you’ll get at AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland. What’s more, we understand that the relationship between you and our staff is important. We want you to be comfortable with us, and your ability to travel safely and reliably is a priority to us. If you’re local to us, bring your vehicle to us for an auto repair, and feel free to ask questions. If you live elsewhere, be sure to ask relevant questions when choosing an establishment.

Questions You Might Want to Ask

A reputable auto repair facility doesn’t mind sharing information relevant to the quality and pricing of the services they provide. In fact, you may even find answers to a number of the questions you have readily available on the business’s website or posted in their reception/office area. If you don’t see what you’re wondering about, inquire. Here are a few things you might want to know.

Does the facility work on any make or model, or is it a specialty shop?

There is no right or wrong answer. You simply need to know if the business will take on your vehicle. If you have a special or certain high-end model, the work will be more efficient if the technicians have expertise with your automobile and/or the required tools.

Are the technicians highly qualified?

Usually, you should expect that the person repairing your car has related training. This is most often an ASE certification, but it could be another. Your technician should, at a minimum, have extensive experience if not certified.

Does the shop offer a warranty?

Make sure you understand the length of time and/or mileage for which the repairs are guaranteed. Does this include labor or just parts? Does the warranty apply elsewhere as part of a larger network of auto repair shops?

What are the pricing and related policies?

What is the price per hour for labor? Are there free estimates to help you determine what is needed and what it will cost before you commit to the repairs?

What kind(s) of parts does the business use?

Are the parts produced by the original manufacturer, or are they aftermarket? The choice is yours, but you have the right to know. Regardless of origin, are those parts warrantied by their maker?

What customer conveniences are offered?

A single shop cannot offer everything, but it’s important to select a facility that offers extras that are a good fit for you. This could be shuttle service, wifi access, before/after-hours drop-off and pick-up, or financing

We Want to Be Your Trusted Auto Repair Shop

AutoStream Car Care Center cares about the questions you have. We provide answers online, but we’ll be glad to answer them directly, as well.

Written by Doug Grills