10 Things You Need to Know About Maryland State Inspection | Autostream Car Care

What to Expect from a Maryland State Inspection

Is it time for your vehicle’s state inspection? Here is everything drivers need to know about Maryland state inspections:

  1. Nearly all registered vehicles need a state inspection.
    Passenger cars, light duty trucks and SUVs and trailers less than 20 feet long require state inspection. You can check for more exemption information with the DMV.

  2. They must be conducted at an authorized safety inspection station in the state of Maryland.
    For drivers in Baltimore, Columbia, Clarksburg, Ellicott City and Woodstock, MD, AutoStream Car Care Center is your trusted shop for inspections.

  3. Expect it to take up to 1 hour.
    Most state inspections can be completed in 30 minutes to 1 hour, but depending on your specific vehicle it could take more or less time.

  4. Schedule ahead of time.
    If you are selling or transferring your car, you will need to complete a new inspection. AutoStream Car Care Center offers convenient scheduling for your car’s state inspection that doesn’t interrupt your day.

  5. The mechanic will check everything.
    State inspections cover almost every single component in your car, including steering, tires, wheel alignment, brakes, fuel and exhaust systems, mirrors and windows, seatbelts, suspension and more.

  6. If your car misses even one point, it will fail.
    You will not receive an inspection certificate if your vehicle misses any single point on the inspection checklist. All you have to do is make repairs and reinspect.

  7. You can get your car re-inspected.
    If you make repairs to parts that failed inspection within 30 days of the original inspection date, the mechanic will only need to check the failed part during reinspection.

  8. Regularly maintained cars pass easily.
    If you have kept up with regular maintenance for your vehicle, it should pass inspection with ease and you will receive a copy of the inspection certificate from your registered mechanic. Regular maintenance will also help you avoid stressful surprises during a state inspection.

  9. State inspections have a fee.
    It’s just another part of owning a vehicle in the state of Maryland. You can check with the DMV for pricing and more information on state inspection requirements for your specific vehicle.

  10. State inspections are overseen by Maryland State Police.
    State inspections are objective and some auto shops may try to take advantage of the situation to fail your car and influence you to get repairs at their location. That’s why there are authorized and trusted inspection stations like AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Columbia, Clarksburg, Ellicott City and Woodstock.

Written by Doug Grills