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What Should You Do if Your Hybrid Battery Dies?

Signs of Trouble With Your Hybrid Battery

Hybrid cars are great for gas mileage if most of your commute is on surface streets with stop-and-go traffic. The batteries in hybrid vehicles are often charged by the braking action. If you notice any of these signs, you’re going to need to take your vehicle to a certified hybrid repair center, like AutoStream Car Care Center in Hampden of Baltimore, to have the batteries inspected and tested. The certified technicians can then recommend replacement if necessary. If you hear the internal combustion engine come on more often than it had before, your battery may be dying. Reduced fuel efficiency is another symptom of a dying hybrid battery, as are strange engine sounds and obvious signs that the battery is no longer holding a charge.

What Should You Do?

Many hybrid vehicles have two batteries. One drives the electric engine. The other is more like the battery in a traditional passenger vehicle in that it powers the electronic components of your hybrid. If the dead battery is the smaller of the two, the vehicle will still drive. If, however, the problem is with the main hybrid battery, you’ll need to take your hybrid to a certified repair shop so the technicians can make recommendations on repairing or replacing the main battery. New hybrid batteries can cost anywhere from $2000 to $8000 each, though you may be able to find a refurbished hybrid battery for $1000 to $2000. The decision to replace the hybrid battery or the hybrid vehicle can depend a lot on the age of the vehicle. If you’ve had your hybrid for many years, when the battery dies, you may want to consider replacing the vehicle rather than investing in a battery replacement because you’re likely to have other parts on the vehicle fail in a cascade as they have aged right along with the battery.

Bring Your Hybrid to AutoStream Car Care Center

The team at AutoStream Car Care Center is happy to help you understand the pros and cons of replacing a hybrid battery after it has died. They’ll also help keep your vehicle in top running shape and recommend other hybrid repairs that will ensure your drive is safe and comfortable. If you’re having trouble with your hybrid vehicle, whether it’s the battery or something else, give the AutoStream Car Care Center team a call to make an appointment to have your Hybrid car serviced and maintained, or stop by the shop in Hampden of Baltimore to speak with the team in person.

Written by Doug Grills