What Is Steering Thrust Angle?

Steering Thrust Angle, Not A Topic You Likely Studied in Geometry Class– AutoStream Car Care Center

You may remember studying angles in geometry–acute, right, obtuse–but you probably didn’t study a thrust angle, wheel alignment, or the important application of angles to your vehicle. But the fact is that if your thrust angle and alignment are off-kilter, you could soon be learning about them in another course–Personal Finance. That’s right, improper angles in your auto can cost you a lot of money, and it could even compromise your safety due to poor handling. Trust your thrust angle alignment and all your vehicle service and repair need to AutoStream Auto Care Center in Columbia, Maryland. We’ll keep your car in great shape so you won’t get “schooled” in an unpleasant way.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel or suspension alignment refers to the relationship of the vehicle, its axles, and wheels to one another. Proper alignment ensures that your auto performs optimally, allowing you adequate control and handling, keeping your tires connected to the road, and minimizing unnecessary wear on various components. The specific type of alignment you need depends upon the type of vehicle you drive and the nature of any detected issues. The major angles of concern include camber (the amount of left or right tilt when the car is viewed from the front), caster (the slope of a line that could be drawn through upper and lower ball joints), toe (the difference in distance between the front and back of the front tires), and thrust (the relationship of the front wheels to the rear axle).

What is steering thrust angle?

To be more precise, the steering thrust angle is the rear axle’s comparative measure with the auto’s centerline. If the angle is correct (perpendicular), then the front and rear axles will be parallel, and the wheelbase (distance from the front to the rear tire) will be the same on both sides of the car. To more easily understand the relationship and its importance, think about a rectangular cardboard box. In its pristine condition, the corners of the box are squared (at right angles). Now, think about what happens if you apply pressure with your hands, pushing forward on one side of the box and pulling backward on the other. The box becomes skewed, the corners no longer perfectly square. What if that box represented your car, and you had to drive that forward? Therein lies the problem.

Finding Help

As you can see, thrust angle alignment is critical to vehicle health. Poor angles lead to handling issues and expensive problems like uneven, premature tire wear. But you don’t have to be an expert. You can count on AutoStream Car Care Center.

Written by Doug Grills

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