What Is It Like To Be A Mechanic?

Perhaps You’re Wondering.. We Can Tell You!

As you’re having your vehicle serviced, considering a potential career or job change, or just thinking about life in general, perhaps you’re wondering what it’s like to be an auto mechanic. It’s an interesting job with lots of specific niches and opportunities. At AutoStream Auto Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland, working as an automotive technician is great because we’re large enough with sufficient locations to offer a vast range of services. Still, we’re locally owned and small enough to focus on each customer and their car care needs. Whether you’re interested in joining our team someday or just wanting a better idea of what we do, feel free to stop by or give us a call.

Mental and Physical Abilities and Strengths

For those of us who enjoy both mental challenges and physical tasks, vehicle service, and repair work is a fantastic option. Being a technician provides a nice balance of using mind and body. In the vehicle repair industry, there are always problems to solve. While cars and equipment have become more computerized, gadgets can never replace the human brain. For example, we use the OBD-II reader to obtain a trouble code when your check engine light comes on. This points us in the right direction, but we still must rely upon our knowledge and experience to pinpoint and correct the exact issue. Most technicians also choose to develop their cognitive skills in some way, whether through ASE certifications, on-the-job training, or a degree.

Also, the auto mechanic’s job allows for motion. A desk job is ideal for some, but not everyone wants to remain sedentary all day. If you like to move around, this may be the outlet you need. Your hands are constantly moving, and you go between the car (over, under, inside, etc.), your nearby tools, and the garage’s supplies (oil, filters, and other parts). We’ve found that the best automotive technicians are strong and able in both mind and body.

An Option for Everyone

Working on vehicles is not limited to just one opportunity. A skilled mechanic can work for himself/herself, at a dealership, at a franchised name or chain, or at a great local business like ours. Think about how you work best and the kind of work environment you like best.

Helping Our Neighbors

Regardless of where you choose to work as an auto tech, the most rewarding part of the job is helping people. At AutoStream Auto Care Center, we’re all about helping our neighbors maintain reliable transportation because we’re locally owned. We enjoy offering you peace of mind through superior car care.

Written by Doug Grills

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